Tips For Image Upload

Please find our recommended guidelines below: 

  • Accepted print file formats: PNG, JPEG.
  • Maximum size of the print area: depends on the product you choose (e.g. the standard print area for t-shirts is 12″ × 16″.
  • Print file resolution (DPI): again, depends on the product, but should be at least 150 DPI, and no higher than 300—going beyond 300 DPI won’t improve the print quality, just increase file size.
  • Colour profile: the final version of your print file should be saved in the sRGB colour profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1

    • Why sRGB and not CMYK?  

      sRGB has a wider, more vibrant colour range (aka gamut) compared to CMYK.

      Our DTG printers work with an upgraded CMYK colour space where we’ve added more ink colours, allowing us to achieve print colours that normally fall outside of the CMYK colour range. The closest colour space to our upgraded CMYK is the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and that’s why we recommend it for print files.
  • Acceptable content: If your design is hateful, illegal, or violates any intellectual property rights, our team may block it. You’ll still see the file in your order or File library, but you’ll receive a warning about your design being blocked and we won’t print it.